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Our water treatment objectives include high contaminant removal efficiency, low process complexity and reduced chemical dependence.

At 4Earth, we provide membrane based water treatment solutions. Depending on the type of application, high quality UF or RO membranes are utilized. Modularity of membranes makes scaling up, maintenance and repairs easy.

Source water type determines which membrane we utilize. For ultrafiltration, we utilize ceramic alumina-oxide material which gives us the benefit of increased flux, durability, hydrophilicity, chemical resistance and lifespan. For harsher water applications, we utilize silicon carbide ceramic membranes. Silicon carbide is an extremely hard & durable material with a value of 2930 +/- 80 kgf/mm³ on the Vickers scale.

The goal of our membrane operation is to drive down energy consumption, chemical use and operational cost.

We use modular structures to build plug-and-play water treatment systems (“the box”). This makes it easy to transport and ready to install with reduced onsite construction time. Modularity also provides scalability with lower complexity. 

There is a cultural shift towards decentralization, modular systems and self-reliance, and we embody this in “the box”. 

We are stepping away from conventional water treatment, towards modular systems

Make life easier for plant operators

We have designed the 4Earth



The first layer is a modern and sleek user-interface homed on an Apple iPad to make operation super easy, intuitive and fun. A 10-year old was able to use our UI with minimal instruction. You should be able to learn the process in a matter of minutes... not months.


In the second and third layer, we utilize a user facing dashboard with data analytics and AI to reduce energy consumption and operational costs while increasing membrane lifespan.

No grid, no problem

We are developing off-grid water treatment solutions for remote areas without access to electricity from the grid. This is 13% of our world. No electricity should not mean you don't have access to clean water.

The polymerization of art and science creates wonders that go beyond one's imagination. We are collabing with local artists, based on project, to implement murals from the local culture  our tech.

Bringing soul to the water industry 

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