Currently in the redesign phase. The smart and modular Camelus 4K will serve to treat and recover alternative types of water sources for drinking water using advanced membrane tech.

More information to come regarding this bad boy.

Overview of 40 ft System

Core Tech                     Advanced Membranes 

Application                   Drinking Water Treatment

Capacity                         Based on Demand

Energy Use                  0.09+ kWh/1000 gallons

Weight                             Based on Capacity

LxWxH                             40 ft x 8ft x 9.5ft

Core Tech                      Advanced Membrane Process

Application                    Drinking Water Treatment

Capacity                            Based on Demand

Energy Use                   0.09+ kWh/1000 gallons

Weight                                 Based  on Capacity


40 ft x 8ft x 9.5ft

Overview of 40 ft System

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Best-in-class operator interface with data-driven systems for informed decision making

Optimized energy use using smart tracking technology

Modular systems built in our factory and shipped to any location​ then just plug-and-play

Chemical-free membrane systems for drinking water treatment = lower cost and byproduct formation


Problem identified and solution engineered

Container remodeled


Membrane process manufactured inside of container


Process automated & equipped with modern HMI


Full containerized system shipped to solve specific problems

Modular design enables faster scaling up and accelerated implementation of projects.

Reliable, decentralized drinking water treatment for small communities 


 Containerized packaged solution for disaster relief


Retrofit solution to existing treatment plant issues and expansion requirements

Advanced Membrane Process


This system uses a semipermeable barrier that removes contaminants and recovers clean water. The polymer-based membrane's small pore size allows removal of pathogens, bacteria, viruses, cryptosporidium, giardia, particles, colloids, endotoxins, and more. The system's modular design reduces treatment footprint and allows for ease of maintenance.


Chemical-free treatment eliminates chemical byproduct formation and lowers environmental footprint.

Automated system with modern HMI makes operation user-friendly. 

Data-driven operation enhances the operators decision making and improves energy efficiency.