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“In developed nations, we want to provide a more comprehensive, user-friendly solution that can be retrofitted into existing infrastructure to solve specific problems. For developing nations that don’t have that same infrastructure and lack access to clean water, we want to provide easier, faster and more off-grid solutions,” Khan told Hypepotamus.

"Industry Disruptors 

4Earth is the dynamic Atlanta-based tech start-up redefining water treatment. CEO, engineer and entrepreneur Jahanzeb Khan, discusses innovating an industry"  

By Phoebe Harper, North America Outlook


"That's where a company like Atlanta-based 4Earth believes it can play a role. Building modular water treatment facilities that incorporate the latest filtration technologies and automation to ensure ease-of-use could be one answer to Jackson's infrastructure needs, according to company founder Jahanzeb Khan."

By Footprint Coalition

Check out our invitation and mention by Tech Crunch.

In this interview by Al Mayadeen TV in Beirut, Lebanon; Our Creative Director Gulzeb Khan talks about our efforts to implement our sustainable and modular water treatment technology for the country's dire recurring water challenges.

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