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Engineering & Design


We engineer and design our own systems for high performance, user-friendliness and modern aesthetics. This can range from drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, water reuse and sustainable energy generation. We first determine the influent resource quality and then the desired effluent quality to design a cost-effective, smart and simplified process. All the while designing these system to be pleasing to the eye and a different experience. 



Building the systems ourselves is something we enjoy. There’s a different feeling about the sound and feel of metal, sparks, wire, conduit, welding and other manufacturing sensations. We build our systems in the U.S. and have the expertise to cover all mechanical, structural, electrical and computer hardware parts of the systems. Our manufacturing location is currently in the Metro Atlanta Area.

Data-driven Operation


The world is moving towards using data for optimized decision-making. We want to create harmony between the machine and human operators of the technology, so that we can achieve long-term economic and sustainable performance. A technology can be improved based off past data and experience, but the intuition of the human cannot be replaced. 

Our Vision: create next-gen water treatment tech to accelerate solutions to the global water crisis.

Our Mission: reduce the cost, time and complexity of water treatment solutions with modular, smart and user-friendly tech. We also want to attract next-gen talent in the water industry by making our tech user-friendly and cool. 

Brief History: 4Earth was founded by Jahanzeb (Jahn) Khan in 2020. After spending years in the water industry through an industrial, municipal and fundamental research environment, Jahn found some major problems in the industry that could be solved using new tech, modular design and modern aesthetics. The goal was to keep the user/operator on the forefront when designing the product. The 4 major problems that stood out: cost, time, complexity and old technology. 

The Team: our team is made up of engineers, manufacturers, business operations personnel and artisans combining over 70 years of experience. This includes big projects in the water, tech, defense and creative industries. We are a team of 10+ and scaling. 

The HQ: our office and manufacturing facility is located in Greater Atlanta, GA.

International Presence: we are currently opening up an office and manufacturing facility in Dubai, UAE.

Current Projects: we have several projects in the pipeline in 3 different countries and scaling. 

Our Team

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Founded by engineer & entrepreneur Jahanzeb Khan (CEO), 4Earth has a multidisciplinary team that has a common goal of innovating the water industry with disruptive technologies.

Currently, the team has 15 hardworking personnel and technical collaborators, and 4Earth is in the process of scaling.

If you're interested in joining our team, please email We are looking for innovative, energetic and kind individuals who want to solve global problems with cool tech.

4Earth, 4 All.

About Us

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